Online Application and Demos

Name Description

A social assistant system that can effectively help the blind to obtain necessary nonverbal visual information including facial expressions, facial actions and head movements to achieve a better social communication. [PDF]

AI painting
Artificial Intelligence Painting: generating a painting automatically when a user describes content of the painting by nature language.

A Customized Cooking Assistant System. [PDF]

A real mobile system that achieves an online social media recommendation solution by taking affective context into account. [PDF]

It can help users, especially children, explore principles of harmonious beauty involving in colors, shapes, music and dance, which will truly inspire their great enthusiasm to articipate in artistic creation. [PDF]

Magic Mirror v2
Upgrade version of Magic Mirror, which can give out recommendations by considering both the fashion trend and personal preference, and work as a private clothing consultant. [PDF]

Real-time running routes recommendation towards providing pleasant running experiences. [PDF]

Safety system for phone users who use their phones while walking in different scenes.

Magic Mirror
A virtual fashion consultant, which can parse, appreciate and recommend the wearing. [PDF]

An intelligent mobile companion for sensing your stress from your social media postings. [PDF]

A multimodal solution for making personalized electronic greeting cards. [PDF]

Image gallery
An emotion guided image gallery to demonstrate the interpretable aesthetic features for affective image classification. [PDF]

Emotion Modifier
Modify the color composition of an image to meet your desired feeling. [PDF]