The file "user.txt" contains the information of the users of qualified images. Each entry is for a user, which is designed to written using a pattern:ownerId,Joined,gender and marital status,numOfLoc,numOfOccupation,numOfHometown + "\n" + loc(if numOfLoc == 1, that is "location" exists) + "\n" + Occupation(if numOfOccupation == 1, that is "Occupation" exists) + "\n" + Hometown(if numOfHometown == 1,"Hometown exists"). And the "," is the separator.

for example, there are several lines for a user:

means:"96" is the ownerId, "March 2004" is the time to join, "Taken" is the marital status(we don't get the gender of this user), and "1,0,1"says that there is one line to describe the location, no occupation, and one line for hometown.

note:",,"means the the information between two separator is null. "numOfLoc" means the number of lines for "loc", the same as "numOfHometown" and "numOfOccupation".